**Website under re-vamp/construction for 2017**

This site was created to help encourage musicians, singers, and songwriters & people involved in all aspect of the music biz,  from all walks of life, think of ideas to come up with part time jobs in music. I have been either making a full time (modest – but paid my mortgage and bills) living, or part time living in music related activities since 2005. The majority of the income has come from playing live music (original and cover bands) & teaching music lessons. But I have also earned money doing studio work, selling original CD’s, selling on iTunes & Nimbit, creating arrangements, singing telegram business, and more. There are SO many other ways you can make money as well. My goal is to open your eyes in gaining confidence to try new things in music, in your community, and maybe one day beyond your immediate area. Maybe they will create income, maybe not; but creating & learning & getting out there are the most important things! Wouldn’t you rather make some extra part time income for you and your family doing something love, than a boring job you can’t stand?

This site is not about how to become rich in music. The opportunities are out there, but I am not going to write about what I don’t know about it. Zero clue on how do do that, sorry. However, my life is committed to writing & singing great songs that move people, and learning more and more about the music industry every day, living here in “Music City” – Nashville. I will share what I discover, but I by no means am an expert. I am a student!

A quick note – while this site is also aimed to update you on info in the music biz & industry and cultivating musicianship skills, along with how to make part-time money in music, the MOST IMPORTANT point – AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT – is to INSPIRE YOUR LOVE For Making MUSIC and supporting Music! There is no price tag on that. Music will never disappoint you. The industry might (will), but not the Spirit & Heart & Infinite Treasure of Music. 🙂

Thanks for your patience as I am re-doing this website & fixing all my pages & links.