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Your Music and Local Business

I create simple webpages for small local businesses, and artist friends in my community. I recently built a site for a local artists group. I went out to their art fair and took pictures of different galleries and shops. Then … Continue reading

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I’m taking a Music Licensing Course

Hey there! I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy recording my EP, getting all the songs down {memorized & refined} for live shows, practicing & performing with several bands {one touring the USA}, teaching music lessons…and now my … Continue reading

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Copyright for Licensing

As you probably know, “Copyrighting” is automatic – the second you create your music. But REGISTERING your copyright with the US gov protects you much further. It’s really the smart thing to do. However, at $45 a song, it’s not … Continue reading

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Publishers Exclusivity Contract

So….have you researched the Internet, asked around, and found places to submit your original music to? Let’s say you have, and one day you land a big deal with a publisher that wants to represent you. Do you know what … Continue reading

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How I Made Money as a Musician TODAY

Hello there! I want this blog to very REAL. I may not be a superstar {yet}, LOL, but I do make some $$ being a musician. Let me share with you how I made money TODAY. *First, I was hired … Continue reading

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Hello Fellow Musicians, Singers & Producers!

Yay! My first post.  This site will hopefully be VERY comprehensive.  Let’s start out simple, to get the ball rolling. Let me count the WAYS I make $$ as a musician / singer. *Studio Session Singer *Singer in Theatrical Stage … Continue reading

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