Copyright for Licensing

As you probably know, “Copyrighting” is automatic – the second you create your music. But REGISTERING your copyright with the US gov protects you much further. It’s really the smart thing to do. However, at $45 a song, it’s not the cheapest thing to do. Many people have suggested over the years, filing your songs under a COLLECTION OF WORKS. You could upload 10 songs you wrote in 2011, and label it “Joe Schmow 2011 Collection.” This will only cost you $45 bucks. This is what I used to do.

HOWEVER, I have heard from industry professionals and engineers/producers that this is NOT the best thing to do if you are looking at LICENSING your songs. Seeing this website is about HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH MUSIC, you can bet that I will be talking about licensing original material! This is a REAL way to make money with your music.

So, let me share how registering “Joe Schmow 2011 Collection” is not going to work for you. Let’s say that the music supervisor for “new hit show on CBS” hears your second song, on the “Joe Schmow 2011 Collection” and decides he/she wants to use it for the opening credits!! Well, if ALL your songs are listed under the “Joe Schmow 2011 Collection” – the music supervisor is going to have to purchase ALL the rights to all of the 10 songs in your “collection” – or there will be the mess of splitting up the collective registration, and doing them all separately. Im not even sure how one would do that.

So although it costs more to register each song separately, it makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE {cents} in the long run, to have EACH song have an INDIVIDUAL copyright registration for licensing ease.

The “Big Players” in the music industry copyright songs individually – because each song has its own “life” – meaning, licensing, etc – and often, different writers, etc. Be a BIG PLAYER – and treat each of your songs – as its own entity. It makes for much less confusion down the road!

To learn MORE about LICENSING YOUR MUSIC for TV, FILM, etc…..Check out this AMAZING program calledThe A-Z of MUSIC Berkelee College of Music Alumni, Aaron Davison. I have gone through it, and at the time of this post, I am taking Aaron’s online class —-> The 90 Day Challenge Music Licensing Master Class. I am eagerly anticipating to learn ALOT throughout this course.


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