Don’t Let Those Song Evaluations Get You Down!

If you are a member of any professional songwriting association, and submitting your songs for critique, PLEASE take all feedback as exactly what it is. ONE PERSONS OPINION, no matter how excelled they are in the field of songwriting. Take what you like, what fits, and throw the rest out. Or file it away, until you feel like using it, if ever. DO NOT let negative remarks get you down. I have found personally with my songs…one person LOVES my lyrics and the other one HATES them, and totally misinterpreted what I was trying to say. Of course this gets me down from time to time, but I am doing my best to keep an open mind at all times. I suggest you do the same. Maybe a critiquer absolultely ripped your perfect song to shreds. Instead of letting them be God of YOUR Art, just take a deep breath and see if there might be one thing you agree with. Start there. Do NOT internalize their critique. Learn from it and move on. Change it if you see their point, and DONT change it if you dont agree. You need to flexible with them, and with yourself. You dont need to have the most perfect formula or lyrics. What you need to have is a song that touches people, or gets them thinking, feeling and / or toe-tappin havin a great time. BE STRONG! And use evaluations ONLY for an educational experience from ONE PERSONS OPINION. Feel free to toss it if it doesnt fit. Especially if you are an indie writer submitting to Nashville, like me. ARGH! I need to submit to the coasts! lol……As my wonderful boyfriend said to me today…In The End, FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

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