Hello Again – heart to heart

September 17, 2014.  Heya Folks! What’s up? I sure hope 2014 has been treating you well, and that you had an awesome summer. I haven’t posted in a long time, nor cleaned up this website the way I have wanted to, because I have had some major changes in my life! All of it for VERY GOOD, but the transition was extremely difficult. During the process of change and uncertainty, I went back into some very bad habits, and was not taking care of myself very good. I woke up one day and looked in the mirror and said, “WTH happened to me??” I realized that it was time to put my HEALTH on Top Priority List, not on the back burner. It starts to be impossible to follow your dreams in music, when you are not taking good care of yourself. And little bad habits can turn into really BIG bad daily habits, and then you start to go downhill fast. I will probably be adding more to my physical / mental health page on this site. I don’t think these issues are talked about enough. Everyone is trying to get more followers, more gigs, more recordings, more press, etc, etc……but are we TAKING CARE OF OUR BODIES?? You know it’s NOT that easy to do, when you are under severe stress. You go towards things that make you feel better for a moment, whether that is too much smoking & too many beers, crap food, ultra caffeine, the list goes on. Sometimes you have to hit a bottom, and wake up, like I did and really realize you look like crap, you feel like crap, and you will never ever achieve your music (or any) goals feeling like Sh*t.

So I feel really great about getting my health back on track, and if I inspire even one other musician out there to do the same, then this post has done it’s job! I know how hard it is. I would say, reach out, ask for help, search on the internet for ideas to help you with your “vice”, get support, have COURAGE to LET GO of your CRUTCH.  And to be honest, you may have to CUT SOME PEOPLE out of your LIFE to truly improve your health, and your daily decisions to take care of yourself. If there are people, or a particular person, dragging you way down and draining your energy to no end, I personally do not think you can go after your dreams with them attached to your energy. It’s not like you can never talk to them again, but I think you know what I mean. T.O.X.I.C.

Well, I guess that is that for now. I look forward to updated my site, which greatly needs some work (sorry about that)! And I hope to bring you info that will help you make money in your music career, and expand your music career in general. Take Care of Yourself Peeps!



take care of your body it is all you got

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